How Can Selenium Help the Thyroid?

How Can Selenium Help the Thyroid?

Selenium is a micronutrient that generally has a positive effect on our immunity. Many studies have proven Selenium to be beneficial to most immune responses in our body. Like the armed forces that branches into the army, the navy and air force, our bodies have different groups of defence mechanisms which have similar goals but […]

Borderline Diabetes

diabetest test

Borderline diabetes is also called “prediabetes”. It means that your blood glucose levels are higher than they are in normal people but are not high enough to be considered as having type 2 diabetes.  Prediabetes is a risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes within the next ten years.  If you suffer from borderline diabetes, […]

Sugar Alcohols

Sugar Alcohols

Sugar alcohols represent a classification of molecules that act as low-calorie sweeteners. They can be found in many foods a diabetic eats, such as sugar-free gum, puddings that advertise that they are “no sugar added”, cookies, and ice cream.  In these types of foods, you’ll find that they contain sugar alcohols instead of sugar, which […]

Symptoms of Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Diabetic ketoacidosis, or simply DKA, is one of the complications of diabetes mellitus. It occurs suddenly, is severe and can be life-threatening if neglected. The diabetic ketoacidosis is a complex metabolic state comprising of increased blood glucose levels (hyperglycemia), increased production and presence of ketone acids in the blood (ketonemia) and acidic changes in the […]

Signs of Diabetes in Women

Diabetes mellitus is considered a type of metabolic disease in which the individual has elevated levels of blood glucose in the bloodstream because of a lack of insulin or because the cells are relatively resistant to the insulin being produced by the pancreas. Diabetes doesn’t discriminate.  It affects both men and women, and affects people […]

Coenzyme Q 10: A little Known Supplement That Yields Big Results

Diabetes is a progressively increasing menace and is a consequence of the modern lifestyle. According to WHO, there are 422 million adult diabetics in the world1. In spite of many drugs available in the market, to control diabetes and its complications, the search for newer and better treatment continues. One of the compounds which is […]

Pantothenic Acid: A New Combination For Treating Polyneuropathy

Symptoms of Diabetic Shock

It is possible to get peripheral neuropathy or polyneuropathy from a nutritional deficiency. There are several deficiencies that can ultimately cause polyneuropathy and it can be difficult to identify the actual cause of why the person has polyneuropathy. In polyneuropathy, several nerves in the body become inflamed, resulting in parasthesias (tingling sensations), decreased sensitivity to […]


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